15 Interesting Facts About Pugs

The pug is a popular small companion dog that needs a lot of love and attention from its family. Both humorous and stubborn, the dogs of this breed enjoy playing, cuddling, and lounging on the sofa.

#1 The pug is a very old breed that can be traced back more than 2000 years.

Pugs were bred to be the companion dogs of the Chinese ruling family and were held in high esteem by the Chinese emperors. The palace dogs lived in luxury, and it is even said that they were guarded by soldiers. The Pug made its way to Europe around the 16th century when Dutch traders returned there with specimens of the breed. According to legend, the pug became the mascot of the royal house of Orange-Nassau because a pug saved the prince's life by barking to warn him of an attack by Spanish troops.

#2 The pug is a small dog with a lot of personality, curiosity and humor.

He can be very funny and likes to be the center of attention. The dog breed is uncomplicated, the pug is a cheerful and loyal companion. So don't expect the dog to hunt, guard you, or fetch objects. Pugs are bred to be companions, and companions are the best they can do. They crave affection and become unhappy when their affection is not returned.

#3 A pug likes to spend most of the day snuggled up on the sofa.

But he is also playful, hardy, and lively. You can keep a Pug fit through daily exercise such as walks combined with play in the yard. These regular activities are very important to keep the Pug healthy and strong. However, the short-faced Pug has problems with heat and should not exert himself unnecessarily in high temperatures. Take your walk in the morning or in the evening when it's cooler outside.

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