16 Interesting Facts About Pugs You Never Knew

After decades of neglect, the pug experienced an upswing. Today, owning a pug is back in fashion and indeed, these cute dogs make wonderful companions. In a good mood, friendly and well-balanced, they like to accompany their owner everywhere.

Of course, pugs aren’t sports aces. This is less due to their physique, which is not that unsportsmanlike, but to their short muzzle, which can be associated with various breathing problems. In the summer, in particular, the pug needs to be protected from excessive heat – especially as a puppy, which can often be quite temperamental. If the temperatures are not too high, the pug is also enthusiastic about longer hikes.

#1 The breed needs company and attention from family. The dogs are funny and like to be the center of attention.

#2 The short-faced pug has an increased risk of respiratory and eye problems, and has problems with hot weather. Pugs shouldn’t go out when it’s too hot.

#3 Pugs can be very stubborn and difficult when it comes to housebreaking. Training in the dog box is recommended.

Judy Taylor

Written by Judy Taylor

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