How to Choose a Xoloitzcuintle Puppy

The Xoloitzcuintle breed is considered rare and there are not many kennels or breeders in the world specializing in breeding and selling dogs.

Of course, having decided on the breed, you have to choose a breeder or kennel, where they will select a good puppy for different purposes: for an exhibition career, breeding, and just for communication. And choosing a breeder is the most important task.

How to Choose a Xoloitzcuintle Puppy

Of course, you should pay attention to the breeder, the manner of his communication, interest in the fate of the puppies, the desire to answer questions, as well as whether he willingly provides information about the reputation of the kennel, about the parents of babies, documents.

When visiting the kennel, you should also evaluate the conditions of keeping the dogs, their appearance, namely, whether they are well-groomed, whether the bowls are clean, whether the animals are being cleaned.

It is not always possible to communicate with a dog, so you need to at least evaluate his appearance from a photograph, observe the female, evaluate her character and behavior. It will not be superfluous to find out information about the relatives of the female and dog, about their state of health, career, fate. The female and the dog must reach puberty, you should ask what is the mating and planned litter or not. The breeder must document his health status and test results for genetic disease.

On average, a Xoloitzcuintle female gives birth to 5 puppies, while some may be naked, and some are covered with wool. The same puppies are born from hair-covered parents; from hairless and covered or hairless and hairless dogs, puppies with and without hair can be born. Babies of different sizes (miniature, medium, and standard) can be born in one litter, so sometimes it is difficult to predict what size it will be in the future. This feature makes it difficult to choose a show class Xoloitzcuintle puppy. Perhaps only those who had the opportunity to observe the Xoloitzcuintle and breed them for a long period of time can choose a baby for an exhibition career.

What Xoloitzcuintle Puppies Look Like

Hairless Xoloitzcuintles are wrinkled and thick, with short legs and dull-faced, with folds in the neck, awkward. At first glance, they may seem ugly, but when choosing a Xoloitzcuintle puppy, you should not think that he will grow into an ugly dog. As they grow up, babies transform and become elegant animals, wrinkled skin is smoothed out, legs are lengthened. However, you should still pay attention to the appearance of grown-up babies, which are purchased for an exhibition career. So, one of the criteria of the standard is erect ears, which fully rise closer to one year of age, which should be considered before buying. On those covered with wool, the coat is short, tight-fitting.

Xoloitzcuintle puppies are active, energetic, curious, playful, they approach people and are ready to communicate. You need to choose a middle ground – a puppy who is not aggressive, does not fight with his brothers and sisters, who does not huddle in a corner, does not show excessive shyness.

As for gender then the choice of a Xoloitzcuintle puppy depends on personal preference. In most cases, gender is not important, but still, if there are preferences, then you should choose in accordance with them. Animals, regardless of gender, are equally loyal and attached to the owner, but each has its own pros and cons, for example, males tend to mark territory, which many do not like and seem problematic, but females are in heat, which also causes some problems.

Before buying, you need to make sure that the Xoloitzcuintle puppy has been vaccinated and dewormed.

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