How to Choose a French Mastiff Puppy?

Once in the place where the female and puppies are kept, you should evaluate the conditions in which they are kept. The room must be clean, and the accessories must also be clean.

How the Dogue de Bordeaux grows up depends on genetics, but looking at the father and mother of the puppy, you can get an idea of ​​the appearance of the dog in the future. Be sure to look at at least one of the parents – the mother. Six months should have elapsed since her last birth. Find out how many litters she had. It will not be superfluous to learn about the health of ancestors and their life expectancy.

Observing babies will allow you to assess the temperament of babies. You should not acquire babies that are timid, detached, or overly active, initiative, because in the future this may result in a number of problems associated with behavior.

Healthy, good-quality puppies should be plump but full of energy. They are curious. Babies have bright eyes, clear eyes, soft hair. The muzzles are plump, with a lot of folds. The ears and paws are large, the bones are dense, the chest is deep. The body is rectangular, but not too long.

The choice of female or male remains the buyer’s personal decision. It should be remembered that males are better built, but they are more stubborn and tend to dominate. Females are easier to learn, they are more obedient, but they are in heat.

If the quality of the puppy matters, then the choice of the baby must be done carefully. You may need to invite a specialist to help evaluate the dog’s conformation. Individuals for a show career are evaluated at a later age.

When choosing a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy, it is important to pay attention not only to the appearance and behavior of babies, but also to observe the manner of communication of the breeder. A breeder interested in the well-being of the dog shows interest in potential owners, asking questions and willingly talking about the babies, their parents, showing all the documents, does not hide the flaws of the exterior, not trying to sell the babies as quickly as possible, especially before the age of three months.

Even when choosing a pet-quality puppy, the main selection criterion should be the dog’s health. Before buying, you should inquire about the availability of documents confirming the health of the parents (absence of dysplasia of the joints), offspring. Although, even with such documents, the breeder cannot guarantee that the baby will not have health problems in the future. In addition, there must be a document confirming the availability of vaccinations.

How Much is a Dogue de bordeaux (French Mastiff)?

Several factors affect the final cost of a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy, which can be bought for $500 USD or less, for example, on the market, without a pedigree, and without a guarantee of health. A dog’s belonging to one of the quality classes significantly affects the price. On average, representatives of the breed cost about $1,000 USD. Show kids are rated much higher. Their cost can reach up to $5,000 USD.

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