Border Collie: Temperament

Despite the independent nature of the Border Collie, the number of people wishing to become owners of these dogs is not decreasing. Representatives of the breed conquer with their vital energy, developed intellect, charming appearance.

However, this breed is not suitable for people who are not ready to spend a lot of time with a pet. Animals are too smart to lie at the feet of the owner day after day, doing nothing. The lack of constant mental stimulation and the ability to waste energy makes animals bored, which leads to the development of unwanted behavior. Many future owners underestimate the nature and character of the border collie, do not calculate their strength, time, and then complain that pets spoil objects in the house, constantly bark, and make attempts to escape. But well-trained and socialized pets make great companions and working partners.

Border Collie & Family Members

Border Collies will not miss the opportunity to participate in family affairs, even from a distance. Dogs love to watch family members, especially the owner, expecting to be given the opportunity to do some work.

Representatives of the breed are very active, they follow the instructions of the owner, understanding the gestures and sound signals. They are very sensitive to the slightest change in tone of voice. Recognizing the notes of rudeness in the owner’s voice, his authority in the eyes of the dog falls. It is important not to let the animals dominate, otherwise, the pet, trying to control everything on its own, may show aggression, expressed in growls and even attempts to bite.

Despite the fact that border collies choose one owner, they get along well with other family members, in particular with children. In playing with children, representatives of the breed can behave like shepherds and keep children in a certain area, as if it were with animals – not allowing them to leave the herd. It’s not uncommon for animals to control the situation in games.

If the dog lives in the yard, then you need to take care of a good fence, otherwise, smart dogs will find a way to escape from the fenced area. Sometimes even a high fence is only a temporary barrier that the animal will overcome after some time.

Pets living in an apartment need daily walks, at least two hours.

Border Collie & Strangers

Guarding qualities are poorly developed, but the vigilante nature of the border collie is always on the alert, although this does not apply to all dogs. Pets not accustomed to close communication with other people are wary of strangers, avoiding communication if possible. Friendly pets may not recognize dangers and go after a stranger. In most cases, even initially alert dogs will quickly establish contact with a stranger in the process of communication.

Border Collie & Other Animals

Representatives of the breed are friendly towards other animals, but some individuals have a strong prey instinct, so small animals, such as cats, can become the object of persecution. As a herding dog, the Border Collie can show its instinct from time to time to keep an eye on the animals in the yard.

Males can be aggressive towards other males, especially if not castrated. They can show aggression towards other dogs when it comes to protecting their personal territory.

Border Collie Obedience

The representatives of the breed have a great desire to learn, or rather, this is how a person interprets the dog’s desire to please his owner, receiving praise and encouragement in return. In fact, these active animals simply cannot live without physical activity and mental development. Dog breeders with experience in keeping a border collie argue that if the owner does not give work, does not give the opportunity to solve some problems, then the dog can easily trust and go after a complete stranger who will give her the opportunity to throw out energy, for example, to carry away the game.

Representatives of the breed are intelligent, resourceful, and easier to train than other breeds. However, the success of Border Collie training depends on the owner. You should never give your pet freedom that makes the animals uncontrollable. The dog must clearly understand that the owner is the leader. When training the border collie, it is important not to be rude or violent. One rough treatment is enough and the animal will never obey.

The difficulty in training may also lie in the fact that the representatives of the breed react to every movement of the owner, they constantly analyze the situation and wait for instructions, outwardly it may seem that the animal is behaving nervously.

With the right approach to training, the Border Collie can excel in various activities, such as sports, because the breed does not take away agility and energy. It is unnecessary to talk about working qualities, because border collies are excellent shepherds, and are also suitable for search and rescue operations.

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