How to Cut a Shih Tzu

It is impossible to imagine a Shih Tzu with an unkempt coat. In this case, the dog ceases to look beautiful and attractive. However, it is not enough for a dog to simply comb and tie a ponytail on the top of its head. In order for the Shih Tzu to have an attractive appearance, and to be protected from a large number of skin diseases, it must be cut regularly and the right shampoos must be used.

How to Cut Shih Tzu Hair at Home with Scissors

To make your pet look attractive, it is not necessary to take it to the salon. A haircut can also be done at home. Before proceeding with the beauty promotion, the owner should familiarize himself/herself with the following recommendations from experienced breeders:

  • tools before trimming or combing must be wiped with boric acid;
  • trimming scissors or a knife is perfect for removing tangles;
  • first, the coat is shortened with a machine, neat forms can only be created with scissors;
  • do not forget about the muzzle, it also needs to be trimmed.

Important! The shedding period is the best time to comb out.

How to Cut a Shih Tzu Hair with Scissors

For dogs of this breed, there are several types of haircuts:

Puppy Haircuts

Puppy Haircut. If you do not want your pet to take part in the dog shows, then trim it like a puppy. This option looks stylish and neat. The haircut is characterized by the fact that the topcoat is shortened to 2.5 cm. It is easy to take care of such a “hairstyle” and it does not cause discomfort to the dog.

Teddy Bear Haircuts

Teddy Bear. Great for the summer months. On the body, the hair is shortened, on the muzzle, it remains long, but rounded. These Shih Tzus are very reminiscent of teddy bears.

Dog Show Haircut

Dog Shows. Today, Korean haircut options are at the peak of popularity.

Dog owners should remember that the “bear-like” option is more suitable for boys. Girls are more likely to choose something more beautiful and complex.

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