How to Train a Shih Tzu?

As attractive as Shih Tzu looks, they are also capricious. The nature of these dogs is a symbiosis of friendliness and stubbornness, which is extremely difficult to cope with. Even experienced dog owners sometimes give in to the representatives of this breed. But, as they say, patience and work and from the Shih Tzu will make a “man”.

How to Train Your Shih Tzu?

The first mistake that new owners of a puppy of this breed make is to lose time. It seems to them that the puppy is still too small, and not mature enough to remember the command. In fact, this is not the case. You need to start teaching a new family member its rules from the first days of his/her being in a new home. If this is not done, the pet will be spoiled and will refuse to obey at all.

Is Shih Tzu Easy to Train?

It is possible to make an obedient dog out of a Shih Tzu only if you approach the process of raising it with all responsibility and awareness of the importance of the process. If you allow the dog to sleep on the couch, and then abruptly forbid, it will not be able to understand why this happened. The same applies to damage to furniture, biting fingers. If something like this is left unattended at least once, repetition cannot be avoided.

Important! The owner must decide for himself/herself what he/she allows in the behavior of the dog and what does not.

After that, you can safely start the upbringing process. It will consist of the following:

Determination of boundaries. Through strict prohibitions, the Shih Tzu needs to be shown where it can go and where not. The same applies to things that can be used in games, other rules of conduct.

Learning the required commands. Any of the basic commands must be learned one by one. “You can’t!”, “Sit!”, “Lie down!”, “Place!” – all this is learned with a pet in a calm atmosphere. Don’t take too much time for one lesson. The optimal duration is 15–20 minutes.

Encouragement and punishment. If your pet is well-behaved and attentive during tasks, it should be praised. To do this, use delicacies, praise, stroking the withers. To scold a dog if it is capricious or shows temperament should only be done in a loud voice. No physical punishment.

Socialization. Although Shih Tzus are very sociable and are absolutely not afraid of people, it is also necessary to acquaint them with society. The puppy is allowed to be taken outside only after the post-vaccination quarantine ends.

In order for the Shih Tzu to obey and obey commands, you need to show all your perseverance. It is especially important that the pet obeys the owner on the street. If the dog is too self-willed there, it can end in an accident.

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