How to Properly Care for Your Aquarium

The guarantee of a comfortable life for fish and plants in an aquarium is timely care for it. It includes keeping the walls clean, replacing filter cartridges, cleaning the soil, and regular water changes. Vitaly Shorokhov, a popular blogger and founder of the Green Art Moscow channel, shares his secrets on keeping the aquarium clean.

Water change

It is necessary to change 20% of the volume of the aquarium weekly. After the change, it is necessary to replenish the “losses” of water. Most often, ordinary tap water is used for topping up. It can be potentially dangerous to aquatic life, as it often contains chlorine and its derivatives, as well as heavy metals. Water sedimentation, popular with aquarists, does not eliminate all of these problems, so a Tetra AquaSafe water conditioning conditioner is the best option. It instantly removes chlorine and its derivatives from the water, binds heavy metals, protects the mucous membranes of aquatic inhabitants due to special colloids, reduces stress in fish thanks to B vitamins. It is very simple to use the product – just add the required amount of conditioner to a bucket of tap water, and then you can pour water into the aquarium. Be sure to control that the changing water is at a temperature close to that already in the aquarium.

Feeding fish

Proper feeding of the fish is very important to maintain good water quality in the aquarium. It is best to use quality dry food that is well absorbed by the fish, which reduces waste and therefore cleaner water. It is necessary to feed the fish several times a day with such a portion of food, which will be completely eaten in 2-3 minutes. Don’t overfeed your fish!

Soil siphon

During the life of the aquarium, a large amount of organic matter accumulates in the groundfish waste, food residues, dead particles of living plants, etc. Accumulating in large quantities, they cause an increase in nitrates and phosphates – the main food of algae. Therefore, regular soil cleaning is very important in maintaining your aquarium. For this, a special device is used – a soil cleaner, or a siphon. With the help of it, it is easy to clean the soil from the main contaminants and at the same time to change the water, which allows you to reduce high concentrations of nitrates.

Cleaning the walls of the aquarium

Over time, fine organic suspensions, food residues, and sometimes algae appear on the walls of the aquarium. This reduces the transparency of the glass, and the aquarium looks unkempt. It is recommended to clean the glass of the aquarium using special scrapers – special blades allow you to easily remove algae and other dirt particles, and a convenient handle allows you to get even to the farthest corners of the aquarium.


Do not be alarmed if, after serving, slight turbidity appears in the aquarium. It will be filtered out within an hour. Also, remember to change the cartridge in the filter regularly. This must be done at least once a month.

Taking proper care of your aquarium will ensure your fish have a long and healthy life, so in no case should you neglect the above-mentioned maintenance measures. These simple procedures will not take much of your time but will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and well-groomed corner of nature and happy pets.

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