Kishu Ken: Everything You Need to Know

Kishu is an ancient native breed that originated in the southern part of the Japanese islands. Belongs to the group of indigenous Japanese Spitz dogs.

Even during the Middle Ages, Kishu was used for hunting – including big game, fishing, as well as shepherds and watchmen. Kishu Inu’s talents are truly endless.

This breed of dogs has always been valued for its “double” approach to hunting: unlike many other hunting dogs, the Kishu can hold the animal until the arrival of the hunter both by barking and attacking. The Japanese are still convinced that one Kishu dog and a gun are the keys to a successful hunt.

According to local legend, the ancestor of Kisu was a wolf cub, which the wounded she-wolf presented to the hunter as a token of gratitude for saving his life.

Since 1934, Kishu Inu has been known as a national treasure of Japan. Common in their homeland, in Russia, and Europe, they are not so common.

Kishu is a very quick-witted, reasonable, and balanced dog, completely unperturbed in everyday life. In the family circle, she is affectionate and enjoys communicating with children, but first of all, she remains a hunter. Moreover, he was talented, with thousands of years of experience and keen instinct.

Courageous and determined, Kiryu also shows themselves in shepherd and guard service. They are naturally distrustful of strangers and are jealous of “their own property”, and therefore they responsibly guard it. These dogs make excellent watchdogs. Their endurance and poise can only be envied.

Distrustful of strangers, kids are very strongly attached to the owner and obey him in everything. But training them is a difficult process that requires experience. Confident and a little arrogant, Kishu can be stubborn and challenge leadership. Therefore, training and education should be demanding, moderately persistent, but always friendly. It is very important that the owner always maintains leadership and is an authority for the pet. But this does not mean that about the pet you need to be rude, intimidate her, and so on. Such behavior will only lead to the fact that the noble animal will cease to trust the owner and lose respect for him. In handling Kishu the golden mean is important. This breed is best started by experienced dog breeders.

Energetic and talented dogs will never become couch bumps. Physical activity and regular long walks are necessary for them like air. This pet will suit a person or a family with active hobbies that they will share with the dog.

Kishyu (Kishyu-inu) is a medium-sized, proportional dog. The maximum height at the withers is 55 cm.

These dogs are real athletes. They have well-developed compact muscles, prominent withers, straight back, broad muscular loins, and taut belly. The limbs are strong and strong. The neck is tight and strong. The head is of medium size, with a noticeable transition from the forehead to the muzzle. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, the bridge of the nose is straight. The nose is black or flesh-colored (with white color). The eyes are small, widely spaced, close to triangular in shape, dark brown in color. The ears are in the shape of a triangle, compact, erect, the tips are slightly tilted forward. The tail is set high, rolled into a ring, or curved in a sickle, thrown over the back.

The coat is short, straight and coarse, very dense. The undercoat is soft and dense. The hair on the cheekbones and tail is slightly longer than on the whole body. Acceptable colors: white, red, sesame (sesame).

Japanese dogs are distinguished by their unpretentious maintenance. They are not picky about food, but it is important not to overfeed them. With an unbalanced diet and an inactive lifestyle, Kishu quickly gains excess weight. Choose super-premium balanced food for your pet and follow the feeding rate. Table feeding is contraindicated.

Grooming a dog is easy. These are very neat and tidy animals, which on the street prefer to bypass all puddles and monitor the condition of their fur coat. Only a thick coat requires increased attention. It is recommended to comb it out after walks. As it gets dirty, the pet is bathed with a special dog shampoo. Like most dog breeds, Kishu is great for water treatments.

Charming “Japanese” are suitable for keeping in an apartment but on the condition that the owner walks with them twice a day, in any weather. This dog needs a lot of physical activity. Walking should be active: jogging, jumping, passing obstacles, and so on – all this is necessary for Kishu to maintain physical shape. Do not forget about the tasks for quick wits. Kishu is an intelligent dog, the ability of the breed needs to be developed. Offer your dog interesting educational games, puzzles, play hide and seek with it. History knows many Kishu who know how to open doors and turn on the light.

This energetic and sociable companion is not adapted to the enclosure. Despite not the simplest character, Kishuis deeply attached to the owner and family members, and it is extremely difficult to endure a change of owners. This is a pet of one person, the best friend for life.

Kishu is a very intelligent, balanced, and attentive dog. By nature, she is noble, responsible, and loyal to the owner. But to teach Kishu to execute commands, you have to sweat. The point is not that it is difficult for the pet to bring the ball, but that he does not understand why he needs to do it. Like their larger brothers – Akita Inu, Kishu is looking for meaning in everything.

Kishu has a difficult and even stubborn character. They only listen to those they respect and trust. The owner will have to gently but persistently demonstrate to the pet who the real leader in the family is. Kishu is born leaders, they will fight for the place of the leader of the pack. This breed has the talent to feel the weak points of a person and use them for their own purposes. The same pet may behave differently with different family members. Demonstrating ideal behavior in front of the owner, behind his back, a kiss can beg for food from the table from the hostess or, for example, guests.

Future owners should learn that loud cries and brute force will not bring success in education, but will only turn the dog against you. It is very difficult to regain trust in Kenya.

Due to the desire for leadership, the breed is recommended to be started only by experienced dog breeders. Experienced trainers working with Japanese breeds will help to establish contact with the dog.

For the full development of Kishu, regular loads are needed – both physical and mental. With this dog, you can and should go hiking, arrange a variety of training and play sports. It is important to allow her to interact with other dogs and people. Socialization is very helpful for such a quick-witted and outgoing dog.

Kishu is a breed with a thousand-year history, formed in natural conditions and adapted to the cold. Dogs naturally have strong immunity and good health. Life expectancy is on average 14-15 years.

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