Lion Bichon, Lowchen, Little Lion Dog: Breed Information

Such famous beauties of past years as Madame de Pompadour and Napoleon’s beloved dreamed of being captured on the same canvas with a Lion Bichon dog. A lot of time has passed since then, but interest in the breed of lion dogs does not subside today.

Lion Bichon: Appearance

Naturally, the distinctive feature of the dog is the “lion’s mane”. It is very small in stature but at the same time has an excellent and proportional physique. When breeding the breed, special attention was paid to the head, it is large enough, which enhances the resemblance to a lion.

Maximum Height

This is really a dwarf breed, therefore the best growth is from 20 cm to 30 cm, although even up to 35 cm is allowed, but in very rare cases. It happens that growth is valued differently in different countries.


Quite a relative weight and a large take-off run: from 2 kg to 6 kg, with a greater height, up to 8 kg is possible.

Coat Color

There are no peculiarities of color because absolutely any color scheme is allowed. But there are more common colors: blue, fawn, black and white. Spotted “lion cubs” are less common. The main thing in color is that the nose is black, without streaks and spots.


Hair, of course, is the wealth of Lion, it is soft, pleasant to the touch, quite long, and wavy. But excessive long hair and curliness are already out of the breed. And, of course, the main thing here is a professional haircut “under the lion”, otherwise the breed loses its meaning.

The haircut is complex and has certain standards, so the habit and patience must be developed from the very puppyhood.

Ears, Tail

The ears are unremarkable: small, just hanging, covered with long hair, and, in fact, are part of the mane. The tail is small, with a low set, with a huge tassel at the end, bends over the back, but does not touch it, or rather, it only touches the tip of the brush.

Characteristics of the Little Lion Puppy

When buying such a rare breed, contact trusted breeders, since under the guise of a Bichon lion you can be offered a simple lapdog. As usual, the puppies at 2 months of age are ready for sale. Litters of this breed are not numerous, only 3-4 puppies.

Height, Weight

Very tiny and delicate puppies. There is no exact information on how much weight the puppies should have and at what age. And it is not possible to guess the weight of a future adult.

Color, Coat

Pigmentation in puppies is still poorly expressed, but by 3-4 months everything takes on the required color. The puppy is very similar to a lapdog, the coat is very silky, delicate and, of course, not long, enough time should pass before the first haircut.

Ears, Tail

Ears are small, drooping, small shaggy tail.

Well, the popularity of this breed is just around the corner. Perhaps, in the near future, it will again be listed in the Guinness Book, but with a new record.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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