Miniature English Bull Terrier: Weight, Height, Temperament

Dreaming of a Bull Terrier, but a family is against a big dog? Then your option is a miniature bull terrier. Do not be surprised, there is one like this: the dog handlers tried to make sure that every dog breeder would find his/her “treasure”.

Mini Bull Terrier Breed: Temperament

Mini Bull Terrier

Energetic Mini Bull Terrier for energetic people. If you like active and tourist sports, then this dog will become your irreplaceable companion. In relation to the breed, the principle applies: a good owner is a good dog, but a bad and lazy owner is an angry and aggressive dog.

So, good owners note that the miniature bull terrier is quite docile, capable of training, cheerful, and friendly. He loves all family members and is unforgettable. Can live peacefully with children, but there should be control on your part in this matter. Teach your children not to hurt your pet.

You should not start a mini-bull terrier if you are planning a baby afterward. A jealous dog will regard the appearance of a baby as a competitor, but he will not be able to understand why the owner’s precious attention is now directed towards the child. Or, as a compromise: manage to pay attention to the dog in the same amount.

ATTENTION! Never leave very young children alone with the dog. The child can pinch, hit, and the bull terrier will regard this as aggression and respond with a strong bite.

What the Mini Bull Terrier will definitely not tolerate is a rival. He wants the attention and love of everyone in the family to belong only to him. And you won’t be able to get someone else at the same time. Otherwise, a fight and total war with scandals are guaranteed to you. The only option is to bring a mini-bull terrier to a house where there is already an animal, only, in this case, more or less peaceful coexistence is possible.

Your pet will not tolerate another dog of its breed.

Although the Mini Bull Terrier is cheerful and playful by nature, easily masters commands, and shows obedience, it happens that from time to time it becomes wayward and stubborn. Genes have inherited a share of aggression and can “take their own”, so training and proper upbringing from an early age are very important. Then you can correct the dog’s behavior and avoid outbursts of anger.

IMPORTANT! Outbursts of anger and aggression occur when the owner mistreats the dog, or if the owner trains him for aggression on purpose.

The Mini Bull Terrier is an excellent family dog and can perfectly adapt to the lifestyle, temperament, and mood of the family. Caring for him is very simple, the only thing is, you just need to monitor the weather conditions and dress him when it is damp and cold.

ATTENTION! The breed is prone to overeating. Do not overfeed and keep the bowl away from your pet, even with a portion that is not eaten.

The bull terrier has a lot of energy, do not forget to give it away out. Do not be lazy, otherwise, you will have to change the furniture and you cannot do without repairs in the apartment. Walk so that the dog has no energy.

IMPORTANT! The puppy must not walk until it drops, otherwise, severe fatigue will lead to aggression.

Start training your dog right away so that it knows its place and angle. Praise and reward. Shouts, swearing, and beating are categorically excluded. It is better to entrust the first lessons of training to professionals. A miniature friend cannot stand loneliness, it loves consistency. You can take your pet with dog sports.

Miniature Bull Terrier: History of the Breed

The English centenary breed is unique in its ancestors. It was a real experiment of many years of hard work. The “father” of the breed is James Hinks, who in the middle of the IXX century began this breeding work and received a white bull terrier. Participants in the trial: English Bulldog, White English Terrier, and Dalmatian. Thanks to this “composition” too bulldog characteristics were removed. Jack Russell and Fox Terrier also contributed to the improvement of the phenotype. Already in 1862, “dad” James first revealed the breed to the world at a dog show. Gradually, it gained quality and popularity, and in 1938 the first club appeared.

The breed has embodied all the good qualities of its progenitors: diminutiveness, activity, muscularity, endurance. This attracted dog breeders. In 1991 the breed was recognized by the American club.

INTERESTING. In Oxford, it was very fashionable and presentable to keep a white bull terrier, both among teachers and among students.

Adult Mini English Bull Terrier: Appearance, Weight, Height

Miniature English Bull Terriers

Maximum Height

Height at the withers should not exceed 35.5 cm.


8 to 13 kg.

Coat Color

If the color of the bull terrier is snow-white, then a slight pigmentation of the skin is allowed, which should not be clearly visible, as well as small dark spots on the head. Also, the standard includes red, tricolor, and fawn colors. Blue and liver should not be allowed.


The coat is short; when touched with a hand, stiffness is felt. In winter, a soft undercoat grows. The coat should be shiny.

Ears, Tail

The ears are close together, thin and small, erect. The tail is short, low set, and tapers towards the tip.

Mini English Bull Terrier Puppy: Appearance, Weight, Height

Miniature English Bull Terrier puppies

Choose a healthy and strong puppy, do not forget about the pedigree, and try to see the conditions of keeping the babies.


By the time of sale, not earlier than two months, the puppies grow up to 20 cm.


Mini-bull terriers are born with a weight of about 230 grams, sometimes 140 grams. By the time of sale, they can weigh up to 1 kg or a little more than 1 kg.

Coat Color

The color of the babies is the same as that of an adult dog. The coat is short and while the puppy’s coat is soft.

Ears, Tail

The ears, in principle, are erect, but they allow the baby to be uncontrollable. The tail is short.

The breed is interesting and if your budget can afford this luxury, then you won’t regret it. The love and energy of this Mini Bull Terrier are enough for your whole family.

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