Pros and Cons of the Beagle Breed

Beagle is perhaps the smallest representative of hounds, but the history of the breed is very solid – beagles are more than 700 years old. The standard of this breed was registered much later, however, for 220 years – and this is the time the breed exists officially – you will agree, a lot.

Why is a little hound dog so fond of? Everything is very simple – look into its eyes, and everything will become clear, the beagle has a soul, which is reflected in a deep (and sometimes very sly and playful) look. The dog has a certain charm, which, probably, is characteristic only of soft toys, while the dog always remains exactly the hound, and is ready to work 24 hours a day.

In addition, it is the beagle who has that very doggy appearance – a spotted skin, drooping ears, a cheerful tail lifted up, in fact, just a dog. It is interesting that everyone can get a beagle – this dog successfully combines a pet who is ready to sleep with you all day long on the couch, a hound, a working dog, and even a stage star – it is a beagle that can sometimes resemble a wizard or a circus performer.

And the dog is incredibly fond of large and noisy companies, however, if it needs to sit at home until the owner returns alone, the beagle will definitely not bark and howl – firstly, it is too smart for this, and secondly, it is not bad alone feels itself.

Beagle Pros

Beagle puppy

Beagle is kind, loyal, patient, cheerful.

It will never offend your young child and other members of your family.

It is sociable and will play endlessly with older children.

The beagle is beautiful. It looks great on the couch, on a walk, anywhere. Suitable for both an apartment and a country house.

The Beagle is not a decorative dog. It retained such remarkable features as excellent health, balanced psyche, healthy interest, and love of life.

No special care, no special nutrition required. Unpretentious and undemanding to food. Doesn’t require complicated training.

Hunting, tracing, agility – the beagle is just made for outdoor activities.

Sad eyes of a Persian princess – Your parents and grandmothers adore it.

The Beagle is a rare breed in our country, now it is only on the rise of its fame. If you want to win at exhibitions – do it! The Beagle is a great show dog.

Where there is one beagle, there are two, they look great as a pair (fortunately, the sizes allow). You can keep two males, the beagle is not a pugnacious and very companionable dog.

Beagle Cons

The beagle will never be a threat to all the surrounding dogs.

It is difficult for a child to keep an energetic beagle on a leash.

The Beagle is not as prestigious as the Mexican dog. The beagle is a gentleman’s dog.

Fascinated by smells and playing on a walk, he can get lost (especially a young one!).

A bored beagle alone is a thunderstorm of slippers, balls, and home comfort. There are also happy exceptions.

At home, simple, sweet, and not exotic.

Teach him to beg at the table, and you can never refuse him. He knows the measure of his charm.

Independent and self-reliant. A friend, but not a servant.

Winning an exhibition in its class rarely wins the best-in-show (although it always participates). This is not a poodle or a Dalmatian.

Having got used to the beagle, it is difficult to get a dog of a different breed.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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