Poodle Puppy: How to Choose?

It is quite difficult to choose a poodle because there are several varieties that differ in coat color and size.

First of all, you need to decide on the size. For a family with small children, it is better to choose a small poodle puppy, since the smallest species are very fragile, and the large ones may not tolerate the intrusiveness of children and bite.

For older people, on the contrary, miniature species are best suited, however, with a dwarf and toy poodle, you need to walk more often (about 3-4 times a day) than with a large one, for which 2 walks a day are enough.

Small and large poodles eat more, they need more careful grooming, in particular for the coat, long and active walks. Larger dogs will also require more products, such as larger bottles of shampoo.

The choice of a poodle puppy by color depends on personal preferences, several colors are officially recognized in the breed standard, including brown, apricot, red, white, black, gray, as well as harlequin (black and white) and phantom (black and tan).

In one litter there can be puppies of different colors and different types, while they are still considered high-bred.

Choosing Poodle Puppies by Appearance

When you first visit the breeder, you should not immediately take the first one you like, you should watch the poodle puppies, namely how they eat, play, you should also pay attention to their appearance. Compare the signs characteristic of a certain color, for example, pigmentation of the nose, eyes, as well as the general structure of the body.

You should choose the most mobile puppy, especially since this rule is appropriate when choosing miniature poodles. The smallest ones may be the weakest in the litter, in some cases, they do not survive. In multiple litters, puppies are usually small in size, but over time they gain the desired weight. Miniature poodles are selected from the litter of miniature or toy poodles.

The eyes should be clean, without secretions accumulated in the corners, without traces of tears. Puppies should be mobile, move without limping, should not itch.

On the skin, especially clearly visible on a bare tummy, there should be no rash, redness, or other uncharacteristic phenomena.

Do not hesitate to assess the condition of the coat under the tail, if the coat is stuck together, then there are probably problems with digestion. If you have the opportunity to evaluate the chair, then do it. The stool of a healthy poodle puppy should be dark, and with digestive problems – shapeless, liquid, light.

Remember, healthy poodle puppies are curious, agile, playful. If you need a specific species, for example, that poodle, then you need to choose from those that are more than 6 months old, since you can already see the outlines characteristic of a particular species.

The choice of a poodle puppy also depends on its gender. Females are more calm and gentle in nature, they are more attached to the owner. Males are temperamental, but with proper upbringing, they behave calmly. If in the future it is planned to breed poodles, then it is advisable to buy a female But do not forget about the specifics of caring for males and females. For example, you need to walk with males longer, they tend to mark the territory and they do it for a long time. Females are in heat 2 times a year, at this time they are more active, emotional, you only need to walk with them on a leash. If the puppy is needed to participate in exhibitions, then it is best to get a dog, since the females lose their shape after giving birth and feeding. Of course, it is possible to regain shape, but this requires additional effort, time, and patience.

Until 4 months of age, it is impossible to determine the show perspective of a poodle. Therefore, if they offer to purchase a more expensive, but promising poodle, be aware that this is a deceptive trick.

The behavior of the mother can tell a lot, for example, some character traits, the demeanor you may not like, and the likelihood that the puppies will behave the same way. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to observe the mother, to assess how much she meets the standard and characteristics of the species. Of course, one should not focus on too sparse hair, or saggy skin in the abdomen, because after giving birth and feeding, the dog loses its shape somewhat.

Attention to the Breeder

When choosing a poodle puppy, you should pay attention to the breeder, if he is too fussy, nervous, or reluctant to answer questions, then you should think and be wary. A good breeder will kindly answer all questions, present all documents, namely veterinary certificates, diplomas, photographs of dogs, pedigrees.

When buying, do not hesitate to ask about his parents, a conscientious breeder will not refuse a request to show the mother, as well as tell about the father, for example, about his achievements, age.

When a poodle puppy is selected, be sure to find out what to feed him and how to change his diet in the future, as he grows up. Usually, the breeder provides a small memo, in which everything is written.

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