On Friday, October 8th, eerie sounds rocked the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent, England. Two women were walking in a city park and saw a huge 5-pound animal rummaging in trash cans. The employees of the complex, located next to the forest, also heard eerie growls. So Ashish Patel, the manager of the Frankie & Benny restaurant, was just closing the establishment when he heard a loud noise outside the restaurant. Opening the door, he found that the sounds come from a nearby forest and resemble the growl of two ferocious animals. It should be noted that the forest there is dark and dense, so the growling made a strong and terrible impression on the listeners, made them think about huge lions.

One of the workers at the Odeon cinema reported that he heard a growl similar to the grinding of claws on metal. According to him, everyone who could have left immediately, considering that the night was not the best time for further research. People in the city are afraid to leave their homes alone.

Expert Neil Arnold explained that he received many reports of a large feline in the area, and one of the most important was the report of women from the park. The distance between them and the animal was about 200 meters, which made it possible to see it well. From descriptions of the appearance and especially the S-shaped tail (about 3 feet curved down and back), experts concluded that it was a cougar. And according to forecasts, she will feel quite comfortable hunting local rabbits and pheasants.

True, the question arises: how did a cougar, an inhabitant of the American continent, get into the forests of the British Isles.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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