There are many amazing animals in South and Central America, but this is one of the most interesting.

The trees are inhabited by the descendants of ancient giant megateria – sloths. Even the most notorious lazy person is very far from a sloth. They spend almost their entire lives in trees. It all starts very difficultly – females often give birth there in the trees. A little sloth must firmly hold on to mom’s fur because not everyone designs to go down after a loose cub.

The diet consists of tree leaves – low-calorie food. Therefore, everything is aimed at conserving energy – a minimum of movement, low body temperature (30-34 ° C), strong claws, a long flexible neck, sleep at least 15 hours a day. They even have organs located upside down – the liver is turned towards the back and does not touch the abdominal wall, the trachea is curved, the bladder is simply huge (since sloths descend to the ground for the toilet once a week), even wool and that grows towards the ridge. By the way, the direction of growth of wool is still very convenient during frequent tropical rains – water flows freely from top to bottom of the body. Sloths are so slow that butterflies and algae settle in their fur.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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