Smooth Hair Fox Terrier Breed – Facts and Personality Traits

Just like the wire-haired fox terrier, the smooth-haired fox terrier is an extremely lively and happy dog. Originally bred for fox hunting, the fast and fearless fox terrier convinces with a number of good qualities that recommend it as a playmate for children, a cheerful companion for people who enjoy hiking, or a loyal friend for seniors.

All About The Smooth Hair Fox Terrier

The intelligent dog loves games of all kinds, especially with the ball, which he skillfully catches, and those that suit his alert hunting instinct. Ambitious dog owners will find in their fox terrier a perfect partner for agility, the team sport for humans and dogs from Great Britain, in which various courses with seesaws, slalom, hurdles, etc. have to be mastered.

The vast majority of fox terriers are very enthusiastic and can hardly get enough of constantly overcoming other obstacles and learning new tricks. That is why there are also numerous people who buy a fox terrier for health reasons. Because with a fox terrier you are inevitably on the move every day. Sitting around lazily on the sofa is a thing of the past with the lively four-legged friend.

Like all terriers, smooth-haired and wire-haired fox terriers have a loving but also very own mind. Early and very consistent training is therefore necessary. The educational work is rewarded with a docile and eager four-legged companion who goes through thick and thin with his human.

The Appearance of the Smooth Fox Terrier

The fox terrier is slim, athletically built, and is one of the long-legged terriers. It grows up to 39 centimeters tall and weighs up to 7.5 kilograms. The coat is mostly white – either solid or with black or tan markings. The fur of the smooth-haired fox terrier is dense, smooth, and soft.

All about Care

The Smooth Fox Terrier, with its soft coat, sheds a little more hair than the Wire Fox Terrier but is still comparatively easy to groom. Daily brushing keeps your hair from getting caught around the house.

Origin and Development

The Fox Terrier was bred in Britain as a hunting dog and, as its name suggests, was mainly used to confront foxes, which it followed to their den. In 1876 the breed standards were established – Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers were each recognized as separate breeds. Initially, the smooth-haired fox terrier predominated, but at the beginning of the 20th century, it was overtaken in terms of popularity by the wire-haired fox terrier, which was soon recognized as THE fox terrier.

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