The 20 Best Names for a Labrador with Meaning

A Labrador is moving in with you and you are still looking for a nice, suitable name? Pettime introduces 20 ideal names for this popular dog breed.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds. After all, he is not only the perfect family dog but also a reliable four-legged friend in his role as a rescue dog and guide dog. That is why it is all the more important to find the right dog name for the pedigree dog.

Male Labrador Names

Male dog names are many, but these are particularly suitable for this breed:


This dog name is one of the Nordic names and means something like “Father of Peace”. It fits perfectly with this dog breed, which is considered to be very loving towards everyone.


It is one of the classics among German dog names and is particularly suitable for large four-legged friends. The Old High German name originally describes the bear and means something like “strong and courageous”.


This English dog name is actually of Irish and Gaelic origins. It denotes a descendant of Brádach. This is an old Irish nickname that means “big upper body”: a fitting name for the big Labrador.


The Labrador Retriever is very friendly and always has a positive charisma. That is why the Italian dog name Calimero fits very well: It means something like “beautiful day”.


In its original form, this Spanish dog name means something like “God may protect”. In the Bible, Diego is also considered the heel holder. The name is therefore perfectly suitable for man’s loyal friend, the Labrador.


In the strict sense, the English George is one of the Greek names for dogs, because it is derived from Georgius. It means something like “farm laborer”. Since the Labrador are one of the big dogs that feel more comfortable in the country than in a small city apartment and because the Labrador is also well suited as a working dog, George is a good match for this breed of dog.


In the past, the Labrador was often used as a hunting dog. If you want to put this fact in the foreground, the name Hunter is well suited for you.


Marley has been one of the most popular names for Labrador Retrievers not just since the 2008 film Marley and Me with Jennifer Aniston.


Paul is a short, concise dog name that also fits the Labrador. It is of Latin origin and means something like “the little one” or “the boy”. That this is in contrast to the size of Labrador Retrievers is not an obstacle.


A divine name for a wonderful dog! How about the name Zeus? This is also the name of the popular four-legged friend from the American Christmas comedy A Dog Saves Christmas.

Female Labrador Names

The list of names for females is long and the following names are especially good for Labrador girls:


Altin is a Turkish dog name and means “gold”. Therefore it is generally very original and suitable for four-legged friends with light fur.


This classy Greek dog name stands for the goddess of the hunt and the moon in Greek mythology.


If you love your Labrador, you will usually find her enchantingly beautiful. So what name would be better than Bella the beautiful?


If your female is also used as a rescue dog or guide dog for the blind, the name Coco fits perfectly. It means “help”.


This French dog name is perfect for a bright female Labrador because it means something like “the golden one”.


An adult Labrador dog has a well-built, well-muscled body. The name Emma as “the big, beautiful, clever and powerful” is therefore appropriate.


Normally, dog names should be short, but this one is an exception. Esmeralda comes from Spanish and means “emerald” or “gemstone” – a perfect name for this magical breed of dog.


Kira is the mistress, the sun, or the far-sighted. The name works well for a balanced and patient Labrador female


It’s one of the most popular names for females out there, and it’s perfect for a Labrador female too. Luna comes from Spanish and means the moon.


Labradors are one of those breeds of dogs that love the water. If this is also the case with your dog, name her Maya.

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