Toyger Cat Personality and Behavior

Toyger is a breed of cats that resembles a small tiger in appearance. They have been bred since the 1980s in the United States on the basis of Bengal cats.
The Toyger breed is distinguished by luxurious fur – thick, but at the same time soft and elastic. I just want to stroke him!
Toyger will gladly accept your affection because he was created as an ideal companion, undemanding and friendly.

Toyger is one of the rarest and most expensive cat breeds that looks like a tiger.

The Toyger breed was bred in 1993 in America. The idea of ​​creating a domestic tiger belongs to Judy Sugden, the daughter of the creator of the Bengal cat breed, Jane Mill.

The basis for the creation of the Toyger was a Bengal cat with stripes on the body, the rest of the breeds participating in the selection were carriers of small features. In 2007, this breed was registered by the International Cat Association (TICA).

Toygers are large cats with dense and strong bones and well-developed muscles. Some individuals of this breed reach a weight of 10-12 kilograms. The body of Toygers is slightly elongated. The front of the body is usually heavier than the back due to the strong muscular neck, broad chest, and slightly protruding shoulders like a tiger.

The limbs are long, strong with well-developed muscles. The paws are small, rounded. The tail is long, thin, rounded at the tip, and set low.

The head of Toygers is medium in size, the muzzle is long and wide with rounded contours.

Ears are medium or small, rounded.

Intense color, round eyes of medium size.
Toygers’ long, rounded nose flares out towards the tip.

The luxurious short, soft, and shiny coat of these cats usually lengthen at the temples and cheekbones in the form of a collar. Toyger fur is reddish on the back and highlighted on the belly has marks of the “tiger tabby” type. The stripes on the body, continuing the circular lines of the stripes of the legs, neck, and tail, are arranged vertically. On the muzzle, a butterfly mark on the forehead, circular markings on the cheeks, black eyeliner, lips, and white glasses are preferred. The pads and tip of the tail should be black.

This breed is distinguished by devotion and lovingness: Toygers, like dogs, lick a person’s hands. These cats are friendly, calm, and intelligent. They are not aggressive, get along well with other animals in the house, and treat small children well.

They feel great both in an apartment and in a private house. They love to communicate with the owners, making a variety of sounds.

Toygers have good health and longevity and do not require any special care.

The creation of the breed is still ongoing. Despite the fact that the Toyger is descended from the Bengal cat, mating with Bengals is strictly prohibited. Only representatives with outstanding qualities are selected for the breeding program.

All kennels that breed Toyger work according to a single breeding program under the supervision of the author of the breed.

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