Types of Poodles

Lovely and empathetic poodles are classified according to their height at the withers. So there are four varieties of this breed of dogs, characterized by their own characteristics of temperament, purpose.

Standard Poodle

Height 46-60 cm (permissible +2 cm to the upper border)

Growth values ​​are written in the FCI Standard, but some, such as British and American standards, do not specify a height limit. Therefore, sometimes the standards are not respected, and dogs up to 70 cm in height, which has achieved such growth as a result of crossing different types of poodles, or simply are among the “overgrown dogs”, can be considered large ones. At exhibitions, prize-winning places are most often taken by large poodles with a height of 60-65 cm (males) and 58-62 cm (females).

Large poodles are also called royal, they look very solid, intelligent. Dogs are distinguished by attentiveness, poise, agility, ease to train, get along well with children, and are not aggressive towards other dogs. Royal poodles are self-sufficient, stay somewhat aloof, but friendly to people, although they can show guard qualities if they sense danger. Suitable for keeping in an apartment, but need physical activity and training. Large poodles have a lifespan of 15-18 years.

Medium Poodle

Height 35-45 cm

By temperament, small poodles almost do not differ from royal ones. They are very obedient, hardy, and have a good disposition. Due to their speed, agility, lack of aggression, representatives of the breed show excellent results in flyball and agility competitions. Animals are small in size, easily adapt to life in an apartment, but they need regular physical activity of moderate intensity. Small poodles live for about 12-15 years.

Dwarf or Mini Poodle

Height 28-35 cm

Dwarf dogs, despite their small size, are hardy, although they look like pretty gentle creatures. They are quick-witted, easy to learn, playful. They are not aggressive towards children, strangers, animals, but jealous if they feel that they are being given less attention. With a lack of attention and care, they are prone to depression. It is not recommended to have a miniature poodle if the family has children under 10 years old, because children love to play and do not always calculate their strength, as a result, they can injure the dog. Miniature poodles are suitable for mini agility. Life expectancy is 14-16 years.

Toy Poodle

Height 24-28 cm (-1 cm from 24 cm is allowed, but the ideal height is 25 cm)

“Toy” because they are small, soft, and fluffy like toys, but not literally toys. Despite their diminutive size and touching appearance, poodles are very proud and ready to defend themselves at any moment, they can bite if they don’t like something, and are prone to frequent barking. Animals love to interact with family members, to be around, especially to spend time on the owner’s lap. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by their agility, playfulness, mobility, and are easy to train. Toy poodles need physical activity. Animals are not suitable for families with small children who have no idea and who, due to their age, cannot understand how to handle small animals. Toy poodles are great companions for seniors. The life span of animals is 12-15 years.

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