How to Train a Beagle?

Without education and training in elementary commands, any dog, even the most thoroughbred and intelligent dog, risks turning into an aggressive bully, giving trouble not only to its owner but also to the people and animals around him. The beagle hound needs training like no other because his character is not easy.

Are Beagles Easy to Train?

Beagle obedience training

Potential owners of an English Hound puppy should learn about the following temperament traits of the animal:

Beagles really do not like to be alone, which is confirmed by loud barking at such moments;

This breed is very active and without physical exertion, its representatives begin to get bored and even get sick;

The English beagle gets along well with adults and children, is friends with other animals;

Puppies and adults are very fond of barking loudly and without reason;

Beagles are complex and stubborn in nature.

It is the complex nature of the beagles that makes the process of their upbringing quite difficult and long. It is necessary to start training a puppy from the moment he crossed the threshold of a new home. The owner should not be given slack, because the cunning beagle will immediately take it into service and use it at the slightest opportunity.

Important! You need to train a beagle puppy with the mind, showing patience and restraint. Aggression and attempts to break the psyche of an animal will lead to the fact that mutual understanding between him and a person will not be achieved.

How to Train Your Beagle?

The first thing to do for the upbringing process to bear fruit is to interest and motivate the beagle. If the dog is interested, it will be trained quickly and easily.

For those who have no experience in training such complex dogs, the following recommendations of dog handlers are useful:

You need to be prepared for the fact that a beagle who is a real hunter often makes his own decisions, ignoring the orders of the owner.

In the process of training, it is necessary to allow the dog to frolic and release the accumulated energy, which can interfere with the execution of commands.

Don’t let your dog take the lead. In a pair of “dog-man”, only the owner remains the main one.

The work on raising the beagle should be continued throughout the day.

You can use verbal praise and your dog’s favorite treats as motivation.

Important! The Beagle needs to be taught basic commands and the prohibition of inappropriate barking. In addition, sociable puppies should be weaned from the habit of jumping on people immediately.

If in the process of raising and training a dog, unsolvable problems have arisen, it is necessary to seek help from a dog handler. The specialist will help to correct the behavior of the pet and point out the mistakes that its owner makes in the process of training.

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