Welsh Corgi: Dog Breed Information

Welsh Corgi is an incredibly cheerful, energetic dog that is always cheerful, affectionate, and friendly. At the same time, they have a strong and persistent character, a sharp mind. They are confident in themselves and always behave very dignified.


Welsh Corgi is the smallest variety of shepherd dogs. The maximum height of the Welsh Corgi at the withers is 30 cm, and the weight is up to 13 kg.

There are two varieties of the breed:

  • Welsh Corgi Cardigan (standard 38);
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi (standard 39).

The Welsh Corgi has an elongated body and short limbs, a strong back, and a wide chest. The neck is long, and the muzzle is wedge-shaped and resembles a fox. The coat is silky and shiny, with a short undercoat. The color is red, sable, fawn, black, and tan, with or without white markings on the legs, chest, and neck. Some white on the head and muzzle are allowed.

Dogs of the Cardigan variety are somewhat larger than the Pembroke. They have long limbs, large ears, and coarse hair, and the tail cannot be docked. Cardigans don’t have the bland appearance of the Pembrokes. They represent strength and ability to work, while Pembrokes come across as cute and miniature pets.

Color Cardigans: red, sable, deer, black (tanned), with or without white markings. The temperament is also different: this dog is more serious than its brother and loves to work hard.

Pembrokes are smaller and neater than Cardigans, and their muzzle is more like a fox. The limbs of these dogs are very short, and the tail is barely visible. The coat of the Pembrokes is longer and softer, the color: red, sable, deer, and very rarely black. There are white markings on the chest, legs, neck, and muzzle. The nature of the Pembrokes is more lively and cheerful. These pets charge everyone around with their energy.


Welsh Corgi is completely human-oriented. They are strongly attached to the owner, feel his mood, support and comfort him.

These friendly and kind dogs are considered excellent nannies. They are happy to entertain and protect children. These are the best companions not only for humans but also for other pets.

Despite the cute character of the pet, do not forget that the instincts of their ancestors – ancient shepherd dogs – are alive in Corgi. From the first months, the puppy must be taught obedience. Education should be moderately persistent, strict, and fair. Your pet must understand that the master in the house is the owner, otherwise, a charming and incredibly cute dog will easily turn into a cunning manipulator.

However, you’re in luck: Welsh Corgi learns commands easily and quickly grasp information. Thanks to their talents, these dogs achieve success in agility and skillfully perform circus tricks.

Kind and unpretentious, Welsh Corgi is an ideal dog for housing. The breed is suitable for novice dog breeders.


They are strong and agile dogs. Life expectancy is about 15 years.

Like many other breeds, Welsh Corgi is prone to eye and oral diseases. Careful monitoring of nutrition is required. Corgis love to eat and take every opportunity to feast on. To prevent your dog from getting overweight problems, you must always follow the correct diet.


This is an unpretentious, by nature cleanliness breed of dogs that do not need complicated care.

Cardigans are recommended to be combed out every day, and Pembrokes about once a week.

During a walk in bad weather, Corgi often gets dirty belly. Impurities are removed upon arrival home with a damp sponge, with a special shampoo if necessary.


The Welsh Corgi has a long history. Judging by the findings, the breed is over a thousand years old.

It is believed that the breed originated in Wales, and the possible ancestors of the Welsh Corgi were the Icelandic Dog and the Swedish Vallhund.

According to one of the legends, the Welsh Corgi once belonged to the elves. The elves rode them like horses. And then one day two elves made friends with the shepherd’s children and, as a sign of their affection, presented them with a pair of “foals” – puppies. Since then, Welsh Corgi have lived among people. It’s funny, but the legend can be found in the appearance of modern Corgis: the white markings on the backs resemble a saddle.

For the first time at the exhibition, the breed was presented in 1892. Since then, she began to actively develop and improve. Welsh Corgi attracted everyone’s attention and became the favorites of the whole world. Pembrokes are somewhat more popular than Cardigans. In 1933, the future King of Great Britain, George VI, gave a Pembroke puppy to his daughters, and these dogs began to be considered royal pets. This affected their popularity.

Despite their diminutive size, Welsh Corgi are excellent working dogs. They have successfully established themselves as shepherds and sentries. These days, Corgis are employed in search and rescue services and are considered excellent companion dogs.


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