Taking Care of Your Cat

There are many things to consider when keeping a cat. But it’s important to remember that no owner is perfect. Most owners learn from their own experience, but in this section, you can find answers to your concerns.

Proper maintenance of the premises

Your home may be the cosiest place she has ever been, but it can also be the most dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. Make your home cat-safe by looking into every corner and crevice with your cat’s eyes. You may notice open cabinets – close them so your cat doesn’t have access to hazardous chemicals. for example, antifreeze. Loose rubber bands and wires can cause the cat to become entangled and injured. Also keep house plants out of her reach, as some of them are poisonous to cats. And these are just some of the precautions. For more information, read the articles in this section.

Travelling with a Cat

Most cats don’t like to travel. In fact, they prefer to stick to their territory and feel very uncomfortable away from home. But if you decide to go on a trip or move with cats to a new home, you need a good carrier and watch your cat until it becomes attached to its new territory. Travelling with cats on-air will require a little more planning, as some airlines require cats to be placed in a separate part of the plane that is heated and pressurized.

Taking care of your cat

As you probably already know, cats spend a significant part of their day grooming themselves, but sometimes they need a little help (for example, when their fur starts to fall off). Relax your cat every time you brush. If you need to brush her hair, start at her favourite spots and then move on to other sports, working calmly and gently so that both of you have a positive experience.

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