11+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are loyal, powerful, strong dogs. They are a protector and even a nanny for your little one. Is it true that they are aggressive and can gnaw at anyone they don’t like? Of course not!


These dogs love their family very much. But to uninvited strangers, they are very wary and safeguard, warning the owner about strangers with a loud bark. With such a dog, you can not be afraid to walk along a dark street, because the pit bull will always intercede for you and protect you even at the cost of his own life.

Remember that early socialization is very important for pit bulls – you need to introduce them to other people, new places, sounds and smells from puppyhood.

When it comes to the relationship between pit bulls and children, dogs are very fond of them. This breed will be the perfect friend for your little one, but remember that it is better not to leave them alone with children. Let the child communicate with the dog only in your presence. Teach children not to offend the dog by pulling or pinching the dog’s tail.

The Pit Bull will have a period of life when he will prove that he is the leader of the pack. The main thing is not to miss this moment and show who is the leader here. Because of their fighting past, Pitas can behave aggressively with other animals, but with early socialization, this tendency can be minimized.

Care and maintenance

Pit Bulls are suitable for keeping both in the apartment and in the house. But do not move them to a kennel, since these dogs do not tolerate cold well due to their short hair, their paws often freeze. Also, be prepared to walk with him for a long time – at least 2-3 hours a day.

Despite the fact that pit bulls have short hair, they shed twice a year – during this period they need to be brushed every day. Watch your dog’s teeth, they need to be cleaned with a special brush and paste. Ears need to be cleaned once every two weeks – in no case go into the ears with chopsticks, but wipe them with a damp cotton swab or use a special detergent for rinsing.

Education and training

Pit bulls need to be taught obedience from childhood, and throughout the dog’s life, he should be reminded who is the boss. Experts advise the owners of this breed to consult a dog handler and take a training course so that the dog learns the basics of obedience.

After the pit bull learns the simplest basic commands, he can start a security service. He has a mind, keen hearing, sense of smell, and hunting skills for this.

If the owner decides to train the dog himself, then you need to know that there should be no aggression and cruelty on his part. A Pit Bull must learn by playing.


  • Pit Bull, a short-haired dog, which means that they care for it is minimal. It does not need to be combed out and washed for a long time;
  • In feeding, he is also not picky. His daily diet is fairly simple, without any culinary delights;
  • Due to their intelligence and natural fighting qualities, pit bulls are easily trainable. The dog quickly becomes a loyal friend and protector for the whole family;
  • He is a very active and cheerful dog, and communication with him brings only positive emotions;
  • Dogs of this breed are not prone to soreness;
  • The pitbull will be your great addition. If you are an intelligent and strong-minded person, then this is the breed for you.


  • A Pit Bull is a dog that needs to be really dealt with and on which you need to spend a lot of time in order for him to become a real helper;
  • If you are not an experienced dog breeder, then, most likely, you do not need to have a dog of this breed;
  • Without proper education, a dog can become a real problem, since by nature it has aggressiveness and hunting instincts;
  • She needs constant attention and long walks with significant physical activity;
  • Not receiving proper attention and stress, the dog can become uncontrollable;
  • From a lack of attention, an animal can become irritable and anything can serve as a source of irritation.
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