18 Breed Reviews: Beagle (Part 2)

Active, cheerful, friendly. These dogs are lively and noisy, love to bark, and have a pleasant voice. An intelligent and balanced dog, friendly and sympathetic, loves the company of the owner. English Beagles have a very well-developed hunting instinct, so they regard cats and pets smaller than themselves as prey. They get along well with larger dogs.

Below you can find a few reviews about this dog.

#1 Affectionate but naughty

The first thing I want to say is that the Bigley is an extremely affectionate breed. They LOVE people and society, cannot stand loneliness. That is why I advise families to start this breed, especially if there are kids. Bigley get along very well with them, I think they perceive them as their own)

Second, the beagle is one of the most active breeds in the world. It is vital for them to run and run everywhere. A walk around the yard, even if it takes 40-50 minutes, is a real misfortune for these dogs. They need space and nature. If you have a summer house or live outside the city, your Beagle will be happy!

Third, the Beagle is VERY naughty and cunning. And this is not because they are stupid, the fact is that this breed is extremely independent and freedom-loving. In addition, they are hunters, chasing hares. And on the hunt there is no time to obey commands, you need to make a decision yourself. For example, my fool runs away every time, to explore the territory, but he always returns and finds me, even if I have gone somewhere else. Perfect scent ...

And fourthly, Beagle does not know the measure of food! Remember, this is a characteristic of this breed. They need to be limited in the amount of food, otherwise, they will swell like a ball. Because of this problem, they are constantly trying to lick something off the table, and they are just expertly begging.

Advice: be careful with grandmothers. They often feel sorry for them and feed them, which can lead to obesity!

Summing up, I want to note that if you are an active person who lives near a park or forest, as well as having a family and children, then Beagle is perfect for you. And if you also have iron nerves that can withstand their pranks, then it is difficult to find a dog better than a Beagle.

#2 I recommend it only to hardy and free people, as it requires a lot of attention.

The cutest and most companionable dog. Not aggressive.

Difficult to educate, constantly hungry, pick up what is badly lying. Up to 3.5 years old he follows the trail anywhere, walking only on a leash.

#3 The best breed

Beagle is my life. It's just a dog miracle. I can no longer imagine life without them. They are very smart and energetic. Beagle can not be kept at home, the breed is suitable for the activity, just ideal for a family with children. Dogs with character, and because they are unique, you will never be bored with a beagle. I myself am a breeder, I have 5 beagles, and there was not even a day that I regretted choosing this particular breed, with them I got into the world of exhibitions, it's like a drug.

On walks with a beagle, first, think about the quality of your training, and only then let go of the leash, they are bloodhounds, and if someone loses track, then you will look for a dog for a long time.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

Alice White, a devoted pet lover and writer, has turned her boundless affection for animals into a fulfilling career. Originally dreaming of wildlife, her limited scientific background led her to specialize in animal literature. Now she happily spends her days researching and writing about various creatures, living her dream.

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