14 Reasons Why Patterdale Terriers Make Great Friends

The Patterdale Terriers are excellent hunters, vicious towards the beast. They are extremely hardy and tireless. Dogs are persistent and fearless in their work. Despite its outward compactness, the Patterdale Terrier is very strong and can become worthy rivals to any wild animal.

Representatives of this breed need an experienced breeder, they are not suitable for a novice dog breeder. Patterdale Terriers require good training, but, first of all, they need constant hunting trips. These dogs, in which energy is in full swing, need exhausting hunting. Daily walking is long and active, with great physical exertion.

#2 She just finds a common language with children and adults.

#3 The Patterdale Terrier is not only a devoted and loyal friend but also a real hunting companion, an excellent watchman in the house.

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