15 Facts About Raising and Training West Highland White Terriers

The cheerful and curious West Highland White Terriers are rightfully considered the most affectionate of all terriers, but keep in mind that if a competitor appears on the horizon, he may be jealous of the owner.

Like most terriers, West Highland White Terriers love to bark and dig, and sometimes both show their independence and tenacity at the same time.

#1 The West Highland White Terrier will never obey the commands of someone who does not respect and considers himself to be deliberately stupider, so the first thing to start training a dog with is to assert his own authority.

#2 The pet will have to be constantly stimulated, since this is not the breed that will work on enthusiasm alone.

#3 If your ward has successfully completed the command, appease him with delicious food.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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