15 Things Only West Highland White Terrier Owners Will Understand

The West Highland White Terrier is a very funny, cheerful, and cheerful breed. They are also abbreviated-affectionately called – the dog “lead”. These dogs are always happy to play, they love to fool around and have fun, and they do not need a company for this. An animal may well find something to do on its own, if it has a toy, a stick, a plastic bottle – in principle, it doesn’t matter what. Even soft toys are fine.

This small terrier can be very self-confident, despite its modest size, be bold, and have its own opinion regarding your wishes or commands. His playful disposition can sometimes be cocky when it comes to other dogs on a walk or people he doesn’t like for some reason.

#1 What a perfect gentleman

#2 Now this is my toy!

#3 She knows she shouldn’t use this pink blanket

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