Breed Review: West Highland White Terrier (20 Pics)

The West Highland White Terrier is an incorrigible optimist, a perky fidget with beady eyes and a luxurious shaggy “fur coat” of snow-white color. By nature, contact, and energetic, this curious furry cannot imagine his life without adventures and small adventures, which he strives to embark on during every walk. At the same time, the West Highland White Terrier is not at all lazy and will be overjoyed if he is entrusted, for example, with housing security. Fortunately, representatives of this breed cope with the function of live “signaling” like no other.

#1 The West Highland White Terrier is a rather ancient breed, so there is not as much reliable information about its origin and development as we would like.

Few written sources from the Middle Ages claim that the ancestors of today's West Highlands successfully hunted small animals as early as the 12th century. At the same time, modern researchers are sure: the true history of this species of terriers began at least several centuries earlier.

#2 West Highland White Terriers are home to western Scotland with its rocky ridges and minimalistic mountain landscapes.

It was here that small, but grasping stigmatics revealed their hunting potential, pulling otters out of stone crevices and digging badger holes. What's interesting: at first, West Highland White Terriers had a wider palette of colors, ranging from fawn to brindle varieties. But individuals with white hair in those times immemorial were not quoted, as they were considered unnecessarily painful, so the owners tried to get rid of all white puppies in the litter.

#3 The breed owes its present appearance to two eminent Scots who lived at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries – Colonel Edward Malcom and 8th Duke of Argyll George Campbell

Both gentlemen approached the issue of animal breeding in an innovative way, starting to select and promote in every possible way exactly white-haired news. Well, since in those days the name of the West Highland White Terrier was not yet fixed for the breed, the colonel's wards were christened Poltalloch Terriers (after the name of the estate in which they were bred), and the Duke of Argyll's pets - Rosenette Terriers.

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