15 Historical Facts About Bull Terriers You Might Not Know

The Bull Terrier is a breed that evokes the most conflicting emotions in people. Those who, in principle, do not like dogs, are openly hostile to the Bull Terrier, considering this breed to be especially aggressive and dangerous. Those who are familiar with terriers have every reason to believe that this cute dog with a very unusual exterior is a model of courage, devotion, and friendliness.

#1 The very name of the breed suggests that its ancestors are dogs, which modern cynology belongs to different groups – the Old English White Terrier and the Bulldog.

#2 There are descriptions and images of bull terriers dating from the early 19th century.

#3 One of the first centers for breeding bull terriers was Black Country – an area in Birmingham, where breeding began to breed a hardy, courageous, pain-insensitive, sports dog that could be successfully used in hunting a large dangerous game or for dog fights.

Alice White

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