15 Historical Facts About Labradors You Might Not Know

The Labrador breed is one of the four most popular dog breeds in the world, according to statistics released by the American Kennel Club. One of the reasons for this popularity is the combination of all the best characteristics of a hunting dog in the breed. Labradors are able to move quickly both on land and in water, which is greatly facilitated by their short hair, which provides little resistance to water. The Labrador dog breed has a unique, sensitive scent that allows dogs to sense game through the dense layer of earth. The characteristics of the character of Labradors include hard work and the ability to work in a team, and not only Labradors but also dogs of other breeds. Labradors are excellent hunters who rush to search for wounded games.

#1 The first mention of the Labrador dates back to 1593. In the report on the voyage of the Merigold in the Cabot Strait, the crew met “the natives with their black dogs, smaller than a greyhound, who followed closely behind them.”

#2 These were the dogs of St. Joihns, which were used in fishing and hunting: helped to pull the nets out of the sea and catch fish that jumped out of them, to bring land and water birds during the hunt.

#3 The version of the origin of the breed from the island of Newfoundland, located southeast and now part of the youngest Canadian province, is considered historically reliable.

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