15 Pictures That Prove Doberman Pinschers Are Perfect Weirdos

Doberman Pinschers are strong, well-muscled dogs, yet very elegant and graceful. The maximum height at the withers of these dogs is 72 cm and the weight is 45 kg.

Dobermans are characterized by ideal anatomical proportions. They have a strong, firm, toned body and a beautiful silhouette. The body format is rather square than elongated, the back is short and strong, the loin is muscular, slightly arched, the withers are well developed, the chest is oval, moderately broad, the limbs are muscular, and strong. The neck is set high and muscular, the head is wedge-shaped, the transition from the forehead to the muzzle is noticeable, but not large, the muzzle is wide, the lips are tight-fitting, the jaws are wide and strong, the teeth are white and strong, the bite is scissor-like. The eyes are non-convex, of medium size, color: dark. The nose is large, black (black), or brown (brown). Ears set high, erect, usually cropped and erect. In some countries, the ears of Dobermans are not cropped, then the ears are in a drooping state, and the front edge of the ear is adjacent to the cheek. The tail is set high; traditionally, when docked, two caudal vertebrae are preserved. In some countries, again, dogs’ tails are not docked.

The coat of Dobermans is shiny, hard, and dense, there is no undercoat. The color is black or dark brown with rusty red markings.

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