15 Reasons Why Bull Terrier Shouldn’t Be Trusted

The Bull Terrier breed is excellent for training but requires a confident owner with a balanced character. You should be a calm and consistent coach who knows what he wants, has a clear plan of action, and does not lose his temper over the little things. Your dog needs to see you as a leader who surpasses him in both strength and personality.

Raising a Bull Terrier should begin from about six months of age, and, moreover, you must definitely teach the dog basic commands and achieve perfect execution of them, even with the presence of distractions. Undo commands are especially important, which can serve you well if your dog gets into a fight with another dog – no one is safe from this. If you want to train a bull terrier in specialized teams and make it, for example, a security guard, it is better to involve a specialist for this purpose.

#1 Here is the confirmation!

#2 They are too cute to punish them.

#3 They can’t make friends.

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