15 Things Only Boston Terrier Owners Will Understand

Boston Terriers are dogs with a balanced psyche, morally calm, devotedly loving not only the owner but all family members, including small children. We can say that Bostons are full participants in all events in their master’s house. They are inquisitive, energetic, adore travel, active walks, behave perfectly during which, without bringing any inconvenience to anyone. Sociable Boston Terriers are not annoying, although they love games and affection shown to them by people. Dogs of this breed are clean, with proper training, they do not bring the owner a headache in the form of spoiled furniture, torn curtains, puddles on the carpet. Also, these small pets are not “loud” but can voice if they sense any danger. They are not the best watchmen, if only because of their good-natured nature, but if necessary, they can scare away the ill-wisher from the master’s good. Other pets in the house are treated well, they are often happy to be friends with both cats and dogs. In some cases, Boston males can compete with canines of the same gender but this rarely comes to a real conflict.

#1 Hug time and teeth

#2 New tactic, she usually sits to my left studying the plate, so I block her with my foot, today she decided to go around her leg to get closer to .. ..the salad ??

#3 You might think they really helped with the move.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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