Boston Terrier: Personality & Temperament

The adorable Boston Terriers are ideal companions for aspiring owners and active seniors. Representatives of the breed tend to spend time with family members, although most pets allocate for themselves someone to who they pay more attention, with whom they seek to spend more time. Animals can be so strongly attached to their master that they easily understand his mood.

Children and dogs become real friends. Boston Terriers love socializing and play. Animals get along well with other pets, they are happy to make contact with unfamiliar dogs, even if they are large.

The breed is full of life, active, and playful. They especially adore ball games and catch-up. But they have short bursts of energy – only 20-30 minutes. They need daily physical activity, walks in the fresh air. After walking and playing, animals prefer to relax in the company of a person, curled up in a ball on their knees.

The character of Boston Terriers can be soft and calm, animals can show excessive tenderness and affection, some individuals are very temperamental, active, and dynamic. It all depends on a particular dog, endowed with certain qualities. Each pet is an individual.

Animals are smart, but due to their natural stubbornness, they can show disobedience. The nature of Boston Terriers is such that they perfectly absorb information, remember actions during training, but can be stubborn in their implementation, often distracted. Although some pets are able to do a lot to please their owner. Perseverance and consistency, reinforcement of correct behavior with food is the main thing in pet training.

From an early age, the pet is introduced to the world around it, more often they walk in unfamiliar places, they allow the pet to get used to various sounds, of which there are many in the urban environment. Early socialization is important for raising an obedient, friendly dog ​​that does not show aggression and does not feel fear from every rustle.

Boston Terriers are friendly in nature and do not show aggression towards strangers. If the pet is brought up, it will not growl and bite, if a stranger appears in the house, but hearing steps outside the door, the pet will notify the owner of the guest by barking. But some representatives of the breed with a pronounced territorial instinct can protect their territory from other animals or humans.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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