15 Things Only Tibetan Mastiff Owners Will Understand

By nature, a calm, restrained dog, combining the ability to live in a family and flawlessly guard the house. In relations to other dogs, it is relatively friendly, capable of responding to aggression adequately. One of the main distinguishing features of the breed is its independence in relation to the owner. Bred for protection, these dogs prefer to stay awake at night, sleeping during the day.

With a lack of discipline and consistent training, a dog can become unpredictable. It is important to pay attention to the socialization of the dog, as its watchdog role makes it withdrawn and suspicious of strangers. It is not recommended to have a Tibetan Mastiff without experience in handling dogs.

#1 Puppy fun never stops

#2 Big boy needs a big chair

#3 What an adorable bear cub!

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