Tibetan Mastiff: Loving and Devoted Breed

This breed is one of the largest and most expensive dogs. It is considered almost the oldest dog on Earth. Often there are Mastiffs of the European and American branches of development. I had different breeds of dogs: Jack Russell, Shepherd, Laika, and others, also crossbreeds of different breeds. But I have never met a more serious and intelligent breed of dog. And how strong and powerful the breed is, weighing about 80 kg. This miracle will pull you uphill as if you do not feel the excess weight behind you. And you will feel like a “fluff”. If you want to take this breed, be sure to visit the kennel and ask the owners to show the documents for the dog, specify what titles are there, and look in the pet’s veterinary passport. Only conscientious breeders can provide information on the necessary vaccinations and the necessary information about the breed, habits, and recommendations for maintenance and nutrition. We took a mastiff in 4.5 months with documents. We were kindly given a tour of the kennel. We saw with our own eyes how these dogs are kept, how life is arranged, and how high an enclosure is needed for this dog. We liked everything very much. The owners are professionals. Everything is clean and thoughtful for the animals. The puppies were wonderful! Their fluff is so soft and corrugated, just such small bears with fluffy massive paws. One looked at us like that. It turned out to be a bitch. When we were driving back home from the kennel, I sat down with the dog in the back seat, the puppy lay in my arms like a small child. We fell asleep. We drove for 2 hours. Later I was only scared that this huge mouth and paws were lying on my hands and I absolutely do not know what mood this animal is. But then I calmed down. this is a kind and reliable dog-friend of man. In a couple of days, the dog got used to the house. She slept in my room on the rug. But our girl was very hot and she went to sleep in the bathroom on a cold tile. Later, I learned that the Tibetan Mastiff can sleep without bedding in the snow, in a fierce blizzard, and it will not be cold. Because the wool of the mastiff is 3-layered with a very warm thick fluffy undercoat. Males have a fluffy fur collar. A couple of days later, the puppy finally got used to it and we finally heard this deaf, hoarse, young, then still barking, to which our neighbors are still not used to it!

Raising a Mastiff, everything is like with an ordinary puppy, but we kept the regime every day: we socialized, i.e. Introduced to the environment, to new people, tried to go for a walk in a crowded place, played ball and just raged, running after each other. The dog is very hardy. We went to the mountains several times over long distances. Participated in exhibitions, but exclusively for interest and educational moments. The dog looks huge and angry like a lion, but in fact, it is not angry at all, but kind, playful, and friendly. With such a dog, we are everywhere in the spotlight. We walked constantly on the embankment, we even sat in some cafes and the administration kindly let us in with such a big dog. This was until 8.5 months. After that, our girl began to show her character, growling when she ate by the bowl. It was then that we realized that the puppy was not easy and urgently hired a dog handler. Received a diploma. After training with the dog handler, the dog became more obedient, understanding with the dog was adjusted. Show persistence a couple of times and the dog understands that you are setting the tone. The character of the dog is restrained. The cynologists themselves were delighted that the Molossian, although he was stubborn in the classroom, showed himself brilliantly and better in the exam than some other breeds of dogs. This is surprising because Alabai and Tibetan Mastiffs are rarely so willing to submit to a man. This is mainly characteristic of other dog breeds, such as German Shepherds. But this obedience is up to 2 years old. And after that, they do not need a leader (submission to a person). And they obey the commands every other time! A dog is a dog. Unlike the same German shepherd, which is subordinate to man, and this is already laid down in her, the mastiff is a wayward, self-sufficient, intelligent dog. She is very smart. Thinly feels the mood of the owner. Knows what can and cannot be done. If we leave, having played enough, from the oncoming dogs, I simply say: tell the dog goodbye, and she all knows that we are leaving and there will be no more pulling. You have to talk to her. Knows specifically what is called and where we are going: right, left, knows the difference between these words, and turns in the right direction. The skull bone symbolizes their intelligence. And above the eyes, light spots indicate the existence of another pair of eyes in the dog, which means that the animal never sleeps and can look into the soul of every person, having timely discerned good and evil thoughts. A white spot on the chest – indicates that the dog is very brave because it has a courageous heart. White mark on the chin – the dog will definitely bring good luck to its owner. Indeed, the mastiff never sleeps, his eyes seem to be ajar and watching. At the slightest rustle, he jumps up to guard. This sensitivity is amazing. The Mastiff is a solid, calm dog, it will not bother without a reason. If you are engaged in raising a dog from birth, there will be no problems. The maintenance, constant care of the Tibetan Mastiff is certainly a daily responsibility. This is not easy. Our regime. Early morning walk. In summer, in the afternoon, in the heat, the mastiff sleeps at home. Comes out in the evening. Evening walk. Even if you have your own yard, do not expect the dog to run around the yard and bark at everyone. This dog knows when and at whom to bark. And getting up without a reason is not serious. It is obligatory to walk. Allowed up to 5-10 km per day. I always try to walk, but of course, I walk less. Some dogs face obesity due to inactivity. And the mastiff is strictly forbidden. Because paws already hold huge weight. Just keep in shape, walk. Little happens in the aviary, he loves to move freely around the territory. Likes to find a hill and observe everything around. He does not like cats, hedgehogs, chickens – he drives everyone around the yard. He has been getting used to his cat for 2 years. He is careful with children. Don’t react to children. I repeat the dog is not an affectionate poodle, without veal tenderness. This is a serious dog and very affectionate in its own way. Meets jumps licks. So much joy! He knows and loves all the guests. Meets by the sound of the engine per kilometer. To the new 5 minutes, be wary. Attentive – sometimes she will come up and crawl under the arm, “stroke me” they say. They do not tolerate heat well. Do not eat during the day. Drinks water. There is a pool with water, she loves to swim there. He also likes to swim at sea. Meals once a day. Itself switched from two meals a day. Although more than one generation of these dogs has grown up on the stern, we feed them with meat and vegetables, cereals, sometimes seasoning with olive oil. Beef bone loves kefir. We also give the liver, very good for the shine of the coat. Molt once a year. Every spring we comb out a huge bag! She is everywhere … Fortunately, the mastiff does not smell like molting in other breeds of dogs. Looking forward to mating this year. While looking for a groom. My girl is three years old. I am sure you will not find a better defender for your home! I recommend this dog to a large family that loves dogs and has its own plot of land where the dog can frolic and walk, preferably further from the neighbors! When choosing an animal, pay attention to your lifestyle, the conditions in which you live, and the daily routine. In the future, all this will affect the life of your pet, whether it is a dog or a cat. If interested, ask questions. I will be happy to answer. All success in choosing a pet!

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