15 Things Only Tibetan Spaniel Owners Will Understand

Bred as excellent guards, Tibetan Spaniels today mainly serve as companions. These dogs are endowed with excellent intelligence. Very loyal and very trainable.

A cheerful and energetic disposition will allow the Tibetan Spaniel to win the hearts of all family members, to whom he will demonstrate his boundless love constantly.

True, the Tibetan Spaniel does not tolerate loneliness. In the absence of people, the dog’s character deteriorates greatly, as a result, negative qualities such as stubbornness and self-confidence come to the fore.

Tibetan Spaniels are wary of strangers. They will protect their house from invasion with all dedication, and even though they will not be able to protect it from the aggressor due to its modest dimensions, they will warn the owners by barking in advance.

#1 Sometimes he wakes up with a tired face

#2 “Don’t give me a treat or this toy is over!”

#3 “Mommy, I’m doing your job here, we need to discuss my salary”

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