15 Realities That New Brittany Spaniel Owners Must Accept

These are small dogs with a strong constitution, medium limbs, and ears hanging on the sides of the head. The head is round, the skull is of medium length, the muzzle is rather sharp, with a large, brown, or pink nose. The tail is short, the coat is short. The color is red-white, brown-white, liver-white, black-white, tricolor (white, red, and black).

The Brittany Spaniel breed of dogs is very affectionate and loving animals. It would seem that this is a hunting dog, which carries primitive instincts, which is why it is capable of being ruthless in relation to its prey. But, in fact, these qualities are manifested only in the process of hunting, and in the circle of his beloved people, and indeed in ordinary life, this is an incredibly harmonious creature.

#1 Time to cuddle after a walk

#2 Too photogenic

#3 Sweet nose

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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