16 Interesting Facts About Beagles You Never Knew

Sociable dogs with a fine nose and the prettiest floppy ears in the world – your Beagle can do a lot. But do you really know everything about this dog?

#1 The lineage of the beagle

1515 mention the household books of the British King Henry III. first a dog breed called "Beagle". Experts suspect that the dogs were bred for hunting. Their ancestors are probably descended from the French "Northern Hounds" who came to England in the course of the 11th century. Here hunters mated them with the "Southern Hounds". Both breeds are very well suited to tracking down games with a pack of dogs. The Beagle has retained its fine nose to this day.

The breed was officially recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1890. Later it found its way into the FCI classification: The Beagle belongs to Group 6 "Scent hounds, scent hounds, and related breeds". He has long since blossomed from an important participant in the battue to a popular family dog.

#2 Breeding the Beagle

Not only do many English breed Beagles as pedigree dogs, the small, lively four-legged friend has also long since built up a solid base of lovers in Germany. When buying a beagle, make sure you choose a reputable breeder. This should not only focus on the appearance of the breed, but also on the individual health of the animals. You can find possible information about suitable addresses at “Beagle Club Deutschland e.V.”. Trustworthy providers rule out, for example, that dams pass on certain diseases to their litter. Unfortunately, there are some…

#3 The temperament of the Beagle

Being part of the pack, that was once. Today the bright beagle is part of the family. But what can be said about the nature of the friendly little four-legged friend? 


Beagles are smart but are usually very obedient. The only exception: if the beagle follows a trail, then he does what he thinks is wise. These four-legged friends should learn early on that they do not lead the pack.


Small size – but the big will to move. You can go for long walks with a Beagle, but this pedigree dog also loves sports and hidden object games. Beagles are fast and can spend hours following prey they have scented.


This breed is very bright and still shows the former hunting dog in its temperament. It is only suitable for keeping in the apartment if you are a very active person yourself and spend a lot of time outdoors. ‍

Work pathos

Unfortunately, the beagles have a sad task in our society today: They are the most used experimental dogs. However, they can still be enthusiastic about hunting voluntarily, the playful tracking search is a welcome substitute. Some animals also make good therapy dogs.


The Beagle meets you happily and is always enthusiastic. He plays exuberantly with children and other dogs are usually also welcome, as they remind us of the pack of yore.

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