16 Of The Cutest Pomeranians You've Ever Seen!

Despite the fact that the orange gives the impression of a completely innocent animal, this is not the case. These fur coats are incredibly versatile. On the one hand, they are extremely good-natured, kind, and open animals. However, along with this, they are incredible daredevils, desperate and truly brave dogs. They are always ready to stand up for the owner, to come to his aid, despite its miniature size.

These dogs are not fans of passive rest, they are very energetic and need constant adventure and activity. Both at home and on a walk, they cannot sit or standstill.

Although the breed is good-natured, it only applies to the owner and family members, strangers are unlikely to let strangers in.

Oranges feel comfortable if they get enough exercise. They need a lot of walking, running, playing to throw away all the extra energy.

Pomeranian dogs are incredibly attached to their owners. As for children, they are ready to be in their circle, but only if they are well acquainted with them.

These furriers also have several negative features:

Incredible stubbornness;

The propensity for arbitrariness. You will not be heard for the first time, especially often ignored commands that force the Pomeranian to sit, lie down, ie passive;

Loud and frequent barking. Pomeranian barks a lot often for no reason;

They are too self-confident and may try to conquer themselves or attack a larger animal. Such self-confidence can end badly if no one is around;

Pomeranian dogs are very sad in solitude, so be prepared to have a constant companion in the face of this fluffy face.

In general, the character of the Pomeranian is ideal for active people who move a lot, have the opportunity to walk the dog often, and pay a lot of attention to him.

What should be the care of a Pomeranian?

Probably at first glance, it is obvious that this breed needs some care. What is worth their long and thick fur. However, we immediately warn of a possible question about molting. Surprisingly, Pomeranian does not shed much and if you comb them regularly, you will not find any hair on the floor or household items.

You can comb the dog once a week, but just comb every day so as not to form tangles. You can buy a special brush and comb.

At the expense of bathing, it is necessary very seldom, and when the period of molting, it is not recommended to wet wool at all. To maintain cleanliness, just wash your feet after a walk.

When it comes to bathing, be sure to put a cotton ball in the ears of the dog to keep water out. It is necessary to bathe an orange by means of special shampoo. Also, you can replace the bathing procedure with a regular spray, which treats wool.

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