Pomeranian Haircuts

Pomeranian has a very soft, fluffy, and beautiful coat. She needs regular, thorough care. Hygiene also includes regular haircuts. But you need to cut an orange not just as you like, but at the same time follow certain rules and a scheme. If the owner of the dog does not know how to properly trim, it is best to contact a professional groomer.

Pomeranian Grooming Cuts

Experienced owners and breeders note that regular haircuts for the sake of beauty are harmful to dogs of this breed. It is necessary to carry out a hygienic procedure only in special cases when other ways to improve the quality of the coat do not work.

Important! In its normal state, pet hair requires only regular brushing and occasional bathing with a special shampoo. But the problems are different, and one of them may visit a pet.

Such situations can be:

too regrown hair (this rather refers to the miniature representatives of the breed, the regrown hair of which prevents them from moving normally and living a normal life);

mud mats (numerous walks, especially in the cloudy season, can turn beautiful hair into a dirty mess of mats, felted into hard and not combable balls);

temperature threshold (in the summer months, many representatives of the breed suffer greatly from a heavy coat, they quickly get tired and suffocate under a layer of hair);

pathology (a haircut for an animal is necessary in the case when the wool cover has become a refuge for harmful insects or microorganisms that cannot be washed off with plain water and ordinary shampoo, in this case, a short hairstyle is used and the use of special preparations to influence pathogenic microflora);

molting (in Pomeranians, it is very active, during this period a huge amount of wool is thrown off so as not to constantly clean the pet’s hair from all sorts of places around the house, many owners of such dogs simply prefer to cut them short).

Experts point out that a haircut for a Pomeranian is a huge stress. And you should not expose a dog to this dangerous condition without an apparent reason. You should not try to cheat the molt or make life easier for your pet in the summer, assuming that it will sweat less. The work of the sweat glands of a dog is set up completely different than that of a person, so a haircut will not affect heat exchange in the summer in any way. And the lack of wool, on the contrary, can lead to sad consequences.

Types of Pomeranian Haircuts

More recently, it was compulsory to cut Pomeranians, especially in the upper strata of society. Where ladies preferred to appear with their favorites at parties and social events. Therefore, several stylish hairstyles appeared that look great on the representatives of the miniature decorative breed.

One of the most popular and demanded haircuts has become “Boo”. In this case, the master forms the most miniature, plush body of a dog with a large head and small protruding ears. The legs are also cut evenly, harmoniously in relation to the body. In all its appearance, such a dog resembles a miniature bear cub. The haircut is suitable for dwarf Pomeranians.

Pomeranian boo haircut

Another type that is popular in the fight against shedding is the “home” haircut. It involves cutting off the entire coat all over the body. Hair is left about 5 cm long together with the undercoat. In this case, the animal loses its charming plush appearance, but the wool in the house becomes noticeably less.

Cut a pomeranian’s hair at home

A hygienic haircut is the most competitive type of preventive procedure. It involves a simple leveling of the coat and cutting off matted tangles that cannot be brushed.

Pomeranian hygienic haircut

Another decorative haircut is the lion shape. Original and unusual, it involves leaving the front part of the dog’s body unchanged and completely cutting the back part of the body, leaving a small brush at the tip of the tail. Sometimes such a haircut is used in individuals whose hair grows unevenly or is completely absent in certain parts of the body.

Pomeranian lion cut

How to Cut a Pomeranian’s Hair at Home

For inexperienced Pomeranian owners, it is best to go to a professional grooming salon for the first time. If you need to make a regular hygienic haircut, even an inexperienced dog breeder who has never touched grooming scissors can handle it.

Important! The main secret of a perfect Pomeranian haircut is step-by-step grooming. The procedure is carried out in three stages: thorough combing, bathing with shampoo, and direct clipping.

To perform a hygienic procedure, you will need sharp scissors, several combs with different tooth widths, a massage brush, and an antistatic agent. Purchase for yourself also scissors with blunt ends, they will be required for a haircut in the area of the muzzle, ears, and in areas of the body close to the skin.

Carry out the work carefully, talking with your pet and trying to calm him down. It should be understood that such a procedure is stressful for the animal. He needs to be reassured in every possible way and promised goodies if he can withstand the preventive procedure with dignity.

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