How Often Should I Bathe My Pomeranian?

No matter how luxurious the fur of the Pomeranian, one has only to wet it, as all the beauty immediately disappears from it. Many owners worry that after bathing at home they will not be able to restore their pet’s previous appearance and take the Pomeranian to the salon. But are home water procedures as scary for a Pomeranian as they think of them?

How Often Should You Bathe a Pomeranian?

The first time to introduce a miniature dog to water and shampoo is best after the vaccinations are affixed, but molting has not yet begun. The optimal age is 2.5-3 months.

Important! After vaccination, the dog should not be bathed for 10-14 days.

It is also not worth getting carried away with water procedures, even if a puppy or an adult Pomeranian is delighted with them. Washing too often can cause the dog to become partially bald. Even if the hairs, which too often come into contact with water and shampoos, do not reach this, even if the highest quality ones will eventually become too brittle and dull. Dry skin will become dandruff and itchy.

Important! Experts do not recommend bathing the Pomeranian without special need more than once every 4 weeks.

Bathing a Pomeranian

At first glance, organizing bathing for a Pomeranian is not so difficult, but this is only at first glance. An attentive and caring owner must remember that in addition to the process of cleaning the coat with water and shampoo, the dog needs to be prepared for the procedure and taken care of after its completion.


For bathing a Pomeranian, it is necessary to prepare a basin if it is a puppy and a bath if the dog is already an adult. That in the basin that in the bath you need to lay a rubber mat. You also need to remember to carefully comb the pet after removing all the mats.

Important! You can buy shampoo for washing your Pomeranian at your veterinary pharmacy. Before use, it must be diluted with water, as required by the instructions.

The room where the bathing is carried out should be warm. It is better to close the windows, if any, to protect the animal from drafts.

Pomeranian Taking a Bath

For a Pomeranian, water with a temperature of 38-40 degrees is suitable. After placing the dog in the tub (basin), do the following:

moisten the fur from the showerhead, making sure that no water gets into your ears;

apply shampoo to the coat, spreading it from the withers to the tail, gradually moving to the belly and paws;

lather your head last;

wash off the soap foam with a stream of water and repeat the soaping procedure a second time;

lubricate the hair cleaned of shampoo with a conditioner diluted in water, which also then wash cleanly from the awn and undercoat;

in order to remove excess water, lightly blot the Pomeranian fur with a towel.

Grooming Our Pomeranian: Drying

For drying, dogs are “allowed”, whose “coat” remains wet by 20-30 percent. Before drying, the dog needs to be thoroughly combed and the hairs should be treated with a special spray. When drying with a hairdryer, it is necessary to smooth the wool with a slicker. The stream of air, which should be warm, is directed AGAINST the coat.

After bathing is completed, you need to praise the dog, treat it with your favorite treat. Pomeranian, who has been accustomed to water procedures since puppyhood, will only rejoice at the sight of a bath and shampoo.

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