16 Pics That Show Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

#4 Kindness, beauty, easy to train, adapts to life in an apartment, has life-saving habits, easily gets along with children and other animals

#5 Positive emotions

Through the eyelids of the morning sleep

Hearing rapid breathing

I realized you were calling me

Correctly attracting attention.

Opening my eyes at the same moment,

The drumbeat resounded

Then the tail, changing the amplitude,

Already spinning, as if alive.

With an ear-wide smile

Bared a row of large teeth,

I looked into my eyes - life is a hole,

I was ready to shed a tear.

I buried my wet nose in my hand

Tickling mustache muzzle,

Trust in a great friend

You did not hide, like a child.

Filled with a soulful feeling

Until it is concretely limp,

I went to the kitchen, turned around,

And "Surprise" was waiting in the corridor!

#6 Big and shaggy

I have never met such a good-natured dog in my life! the maximum that she can do dangerous for a person is to step on her bare leg with a clawed paw. At what she gets along not only with people but also with other animals, maintaining phenomenal calmness, even when they actively stick to her.

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