17 Amazing Facts About Chow Chows You Might Not Know

As far as the appearance of the Chow Chow is original, its character is also non-standard (in relation to dogs). People who know about the gull by the hearsay claim that it is an arrogant and heartless animal and the owners of these unusual dogs speak of the kindness, devotion, and responsiveness of their pets.

#1 The Chinese legend about the origin of the breed says the following: Chow Chow was next to the Creator when he created the world.

#2 The Creator allowed the dog to lick a piece of heaven exactly at the moment when the stars shone on it, and from this, his tongue turned bluish-black.

#3 In the Old World, Chow Chow dogs appeared thanks to the traveler Marco Polo, who was the first European to officially set foot on Chinese soil.

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