17 Pictures That Prove Dalmatians Are Perfect Weirdos

To say that the Dalmatian breed has a high energy level is to say nothing. This is a born fidget who is always happy to be the soul of the company and longs for new adventures. Dalmatians are ready to spend all their free time on the street, they will go with you to the ends of the world and this will be the best thing in life for them.

If you do not have enough free time to provide the dog with long and active walks, do not get this breed. Since if an animal does not receive the required level of activity and physical activity, it becomes unhappy, sad, lose its appetite and there is a tendency to gnaw everything that surrounds it. In this case, pieces of furniture in your apartment, shoes, door frames, etc.

#1 Impossible not to cover him at night

#2 Mom didn`t allow to eat cookies(

#3 Double the Love.

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