17 Undeniable Truths Only Lagotto Romagnolo Pup Parents Understand

With his family, Lagotto is gentle and kind. He is very loyal to the owner and loves to go everywhere with him. Lagotto is easy to learn and, most importantly, he really likes it. He is very hardworking and always ready to work, this dog needs constant activity. Lagotto is kind to children, can live with several other dogs, he is not worried about other pets. He is suspicious of strangers, he will always warn you about the arrival of guests. This dog is prone to looking for all sorts of things, while walking it will dig the ground and dig a huge hole in a few seconds! You can keep Lagotto looking for mushrooms in the forest – he will love this activity.

#1 This breed of dogs gets along both in urban and rural settings.

#2 Lagotto needs frequent (at least 3-4 times a day) and long walks

#3 Walking should be active and intelligent.

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