16 Amazing Facts About Shiba Inu Dogs You Might Not Know

Shiba Inu is a lively and energetic breed of dog. These dogs are curious and intelligent. They tolerate high physical activity, endurance, and active. Thanks to these qualities, such dogs can be used in sports. Shiba Inu are wary of strangers, good watchmen. The character is distinguished by independence and self-reliance. They are loyal to the owner, play with children with pleasure, but can be stubborn and run away. They hardly obey, preferring to get their way by cunning. Sometimes the behavior of these dogs cannot be explained.

#1 Shiba Inu don’t bark, they scream.

Most owners would agree that Shiba Inu are “dramatized” lovers. Unlike normal dogs, which will bark or whine if provoked, Shiba Inu screams. They are capable of producing a unique sound known as the Shiba Inu or “Shiba Scream”. This is a very loud, deafening sound - but you should not be afraid of it, because by crying the pet just wants to inform that this or that situation is unpleasant for him.

#2 Shiba Inu – incredibly fast.

Many owners of this breed know the term "Shiba 500", which means that sometimes they can reach unrealistic speed, doing real speed races around the house! They run very fast.

#3 These dogs need socialization.

Despite some alienation, Shiba Inu also need socialization - communication with other dogs and people, to which the dog should be taught from puppyhood. Thus, it is possible to correct that line of alienation and independence of the breed.

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Written by Alice White

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