17 Undeniable Truths Only Pit Bull Pup Parents Understand

Pit bulls are very playful, especially at an early age, so the learning process is most effective during the game. It is necessary to ensure that the puppy fully observes all commands. If he does everything right, he should be praised and given a treat. It happens that the puppy tries to use his teeth during the game. In such cases, the owner must sharply command: “You can’t!” – and stop training immediately. Thus, he clearly makes it clear to her that attempts to bite a person cause the termination of communication, and the dog clearly learns this lesson. After such “incidents”, training can be resumed no earlier than 20 minutes later.

#1 Pit bulls should be obedience trained because it is a good bonding activity😎

#2 There are a lot of places in America and around the world that have banned pit bulls due to their reputation. For example, the dog as a whole is not allowed in England at all, since 1991.

#3 Sitting on mommy`s arms.😊😊😊

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