Breed Review: Dogo Argentino (18 Pics)

A dog is man’s best friend, it has been known for a long time. But even among our friends, there are those who are unique and eye-catching. These include the Argentine mastiff. In general, this is the only breed that appeared in Argentina and is officially recognized at the same time.

This country even has a monument dedicated to this animal. These dogs are very much appreciated here, moreover, they are considered almost a treasure of the state.

#1 Dogs are extremely quick-witted, they are very trainable. They have short hair, thanks to which it will not fall out, this is a definite plus.

#2 Dogs have a very athletic physique, which is why you will have to deal with them.

Constant training is not new to mastiff owners.

#3 Dogs of this breed are very good guards, they have a very menacing appearance and a muscular body.

Caring for them is not at all difficult, since the coat is short, the Argentine is not whimsical.

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