18 Pictures That Prove Dalmatians Are Perfect Weirdos

Note that Dalmatians are as smart as they are active. They can be cunning and are stubborn. Therefore, everyone who starts this breed should be aware that he will need to carry out consistent educational work. The goal is to make it clear to the dog that you see through its cunning and, so to speak, “are not being fooled”, and secondly, to develop obedience, getting rid of stubbornness. And, at the same time, the Dalmatian is very fond of his masters and his family, these are for him the first living creatures in the universe, of course, if the owner is not an inadequate tyrant.

Therefore, a Dalmatian dog always tries to please its owners and receives inner satisfaction from this. In the circle of his family or family friends whom the dog knows and also loves, there is no living being more affectionate, friendly, and devoted. It is always interesting with these animals – they can entertain with their funny antics, and in general – they are very lively, giving the impression of intelligent creatures who understand everything that is happening around them.

They require early socialization, acquaintance with children, other animals, they need to get into various situations and make their character as flexible and open as possible. Then, you can be sure that the dog will behave perfectly with the child, although, by nature, they are endowed with a very kind character and love children. Strangers are perceived without aggression, either neutrally or positively.

#1 Love at the first sniff ♥️

#2 I`ve got so much fun today!

#3 Best friends

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